First Home Buyer Loan

Buying your first home is a rewarding experience. But it can also cause a lot of stress, especially when you do not have the right help to lessen your financial burdens. Fortunately, first-time home buyers have the option to take: first home buyer loans.

First Home Buyer Loan: Why You Need It?

First home buyer loans are different from your typical home loans such that it is exclusive only to first-time home buyers, as the name would suggest. Another remarkable thing that differentiates it from other home loan options is that you can get significantly lower interest rates for it. If getting the best deals in the market is important to you, then this option is perfect for you.

first home buyer loan

How Key Strategy Solutions Can Help You?

Key Strategy Solutions specialises in broking services. We have a team of mortgage brokers and home loan brokers in Sydney who can help you in your home buying journey. When you work with us, you experience the following services:

We Handle Your Paperwork

There are many requirements and prerequisites involved in applying for a first home buyer loan. Key Strategy Solutions can help you sort out the paperwork and submit them to the lender of your choice.

We Point You to the Right Direction

We are partnered with over 20 credible lenders in Sydney. All of whom are well-versed in the area of first home buyer loans. Key Strategy Solutions and our lenders are working together to provide above-standard services and offers.

We Find the Best Loans for You

Our expertise combined with the connections we have with our partner lenders can prove highly beneficial to first-time home buyers out there. Best loan deals? You can bet on us to deliver in no time.

Our Lenders

Working with the best mortgage broker in Sydney has it’s benefits. We know the credit criteria of 20 lenders and over 200 products. By working with you we are able to ascertain the right product that will best suit your needs and grow with you.

FAQs on Our First Home Buyer Loan Broking Services

We value our customers. That is why we have taken their most asked questions into one concise section, and have provided answers for easy reference.

How do I know if I am eligible?

Our home loan brokers can determine if you are eligible or not. They will conduct an assessment to know if you pass the requirements like proof of first-time home buying, submission of required documents, loan size of not over $850,000, and so on.

What are the exclusions?

Unfortunately, you cannot be granted a first home buyer loan if you are on home loan switches or internal refinances. Check with our home loan brokers today to learn more.

Do I need a deposit?

You need a minimum of 10% of the property’s back valuation as a deposit to qualify for this home loan option. Stamp duty is not payable.

What if I can only pay less than the desired deposit?

If you cannot meet the minimum deposit payment, you can opt for Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI). This is a one-off payment based on the amount borrowed and amount of deposit.

Can you also find conveyancing services for me?

Yes. Our all-around broking solutions include sorting your conveyancing arrangements with accredited conveyancing firms.

With Key Strategy Solutions, Your Dream Home Is Within Reach

With a first home buyer loan, you have a better shot at finally living in the home of your dreams. Live the best life and apply today with Key Strategy Solutions, your the number 1 mortgage broker in Sydney.