Equipment Finance

Looking for a better way to upgrade your current systems? Improve your business’ tools and equipment with the help of Sydney’s leading equipment finance broker, Key Strategy Solutions!

Whether you’re in IT, construction, or any other industry, Key Strategy Solutions can offer the best solutions for your business equipment finance needs. So, if you’re planning to buy second-hand equipment or lease a new one from a dealer or private sale, let us help you!

At Key Strategy Solutions, we can advise you on the right financing structures best suited to your business needs and budget. Our equipment finance solutions are available for new businesses looking to acquire their tools and equipment.

What Is Equipment Finance?

Equipment finance is the umbrella term for loan facilities used to purchase business assets. This includes leasing items, such as motor vehicles, trucks, machinery, or any other equipment required by a business.

Equipment finance is used to purchase both new and used equipment. Most businesses utilise equipment finance solutions to expedite their tool upgrades and improve their current process without having to spend their resources immediately.

Equipment Finance Sydney

Equipment Finance Loan: Our Process

Scaling up your business isn’t easy. You need to think about the next steps to ensure that your growth is stable and sustainable. That’s why most business owners tend to delay upgrading their equipment.

However, this puts your business at a disadvantage. Why should you stick with your old and outdated tools when you can serve your customers better by buying or leasing better equipment? Here at Key Strategy Solutions, we help you:

Make Your Vision Come to Life

Equipment finance solutions are just among the services we offer. What we ultimately do is help you turn your ideas into reality. Start growing your business by owning the right tools and equipment to improve your operations.

Stay on Top of Your Costs

Most of the time, businesses stick to what’s usual. They don’t want to do anything that might cause problems with their operating costs. Of course, getting an equipment finance loan might result in unforeseen expenses. But not when you partner with a reliable broker like Key Strategy Solutions!

As experts in equipment finance lease, we offer comprehensive payment schemes. You can choose between monthly or annual payments. You can even customise your repayments according to your preference.

Avail the Tax Benefits

When you avail of the equipment finance loans from our partners, you can claim input tax credits for the GST included in the tool or equipment’s price. This saves you more money, making the purchase and acquisition even more worth it.

For All Your Equipment Finance Needs in Australia, Talk to Us Now!

The lending process can be undeniably tricky and challenging, especially if you’re not familiar with how it works. That’s why it’s important to work with expert professionals who can advise you.

At Key Strategy Solutions, we have equipment finance brokers who understand the process and can get you to where you want. Whenever you feel stuck or confused, you can rest easy knowing that we’ve got your back. Call us on 1300 887 630.